The Extra Mile



Gifts are my love language.

This goes   beyond the simple- buy me things (which is pretty nice too) but more about how I am  as a person. 

Gifts and surprises are a physical way to show your affection.  

 What type of gift giver will you be? 

Practical and Easy 

 You:  Straight to the point, want to make an amazing impression 

Gift Idea  : My Amazon Wishlist 


Fellow Capricorns and other Cash Oriented Souls : 

Gift Idea:  Cash App  + Venmo(@punkyb00bster

NEVER send anything in the message field of payment apps besides “for groceries.”

Lovers of my Body: 

Treating my body right is sexy. 

Gift Idea: 

Spa Gift Cards 

Whole Foods Gift Cards 



Frocks and Finery  

Are you an admireer of the female form?  

 Gift Idea: 

Harlow and Fox 

Playful Promises 

Curvy Kate